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Last update: 2015-12-31

Strain ID:

Leptolyngbya boryana IAM-M101

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Strain Category:


Strain Addiction:


Habitat Notes:



Aquatic, Freshwater

16S Acc Nbr:




Tax Komarek Ord Fam:

Synechococcales / Leptolyngbyaceae

Tax Status Genus:

1, 3

Tax AlgaeBase Ord Fam:

Synechococcales / Leptolyngbyaceae

Tax Status AlgaeBase:

Currently accepted taxonomically

Tax AlgaeBase Holotype:

Leptolyngbya boryana (Gomont) Anagnostidis & Komárek; this strain belongs to the "True Leptolyngbyaclade" according to Vaz et al.(2015)

Tax Bergeys:


Phylog This Work:

E: 26

Subset Condens Tree:


Phylog Rdp Classifier:

Family V; 100%; GpV; 100%

Phylog Shih:


Phylog Howard Azzeh:


Phylog Schirrmeister:


Phylog Picocyano:


Metadata Shih:



Fujita, Y., et al. (1991). Cloning, nucleotide sequences and differential expression of the nifH and nifH-like (frxC) genes from the filamentous nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Plectonema boryanum. Plant and Cell Physiology 32(7), 1093-1106.; Hiraide, Y., et al. (2015). Loss of cytochrome cM stimulates cyanobacterial heterotrophic growth in the dark. Plant and Cell Physiology 56(2), 334-345.; Shimura, Y., et al. (2015). Comparison of the terrestrial cyanobacterium Leptolyngbya sp. NIES-2104 and the freshwater Leptolyngbya boryana PCC 6306 genomes. DNA Research 22(6), 403-412.; Vaz, M. G. M. V., et al. (2015). Pantanalinema gen. nov. and Alkalinema gen. nov.: novel pseudanabaenacean genera (Cyanobacteria) isolated from saline–Alkaline lakes. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 65, 298-308.

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