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Last update: 2015-12-31

Strain ID:

Nostoc sp. PCC7423

Strain Other ID:


Strain Co-ident:


Strain Category:


Strain Addiction:


Habitat Notes:




16S Acc Nbr:




Tax Komarek Ord Fam:

Nostocales / Nostocaceae

Tax Status Genus:

1, 3

Tax AlgaeBase Ord Fam:

Nostocales / Nostocaceae

Tax Status AlgaeBase:

Currently accepted taxonomically

Tax AlgaeBase Holotype:

Nostoc commune Vaucher ex Bornet & Flahault

Tax Bergeys:

IV-I/VIII/cluster 3.3

Phylog This Work:

A: 1

Subset Condens Tree:


Phylog Rdp Classifier:

Family I; 100%; GpI; 100%

Phylog Shih:


Phylog Howard Azzeh:


Phylog Schirrmeister:


Phylog Picocyano:


Metadata Shih:



Rippka, R., Deruelles, J., Waterbury, J. B., Herdman, M., & Stanier, R. Y. (1979). Generic assignments, strain histories and properties of pure cultures of cyanobacteria. Journal of General Microbiology 111(1), 1-61; Boone, D. R., Castenholz, R. W., & Garrity, G. M., (Eds) (2001). Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, 2nd edn, vol. 1, The Archaea and the deeply branching and phototrophic bacteria. New York, Berlin & Heidelberg: Springer; O'Brien, H. E., Miadlikowska, J., & Lutzoni, F. (2005). Assessing host specialization in symbiotic cyanobacteria associated with four closely related species of the lichen fungus Peltigera. European Journal of Phycology 40(4), 363-378.; Ekman, M., et al. (2013). A Nostoc punctiforme sugar transporter necessary to establish a cyanobacterium-plant symbiosis. Plant Physiology 161(4), 1984-1992.

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